Friday, 10 October 2008

It's been a while

I have been reading blogs while I have been away and keeping up with things, I have just not been writing, as a result of my laser eye surgery, for me, reading the computer screen has been difficult. I am totally fine with distance now and close reading, but the computer screen gives me a few problems. Nothing major, I can see it, it just comes in and out of focus - oh I can't describe it, because I can see, it just is not perfect yet so is frustrating and also makes my eyes tired.

Anyway, I am glad I had surgery and I am sure my vision will continue to improve. Will write more about it in another post.

What else has been going on

This is the last day of the school holidays, we just had a lazy 2 weeks. It was nice not having to rush all over the place, even fun activities can be stressful when trying to get 3 kids out the door on time.

Were going to do a one night camping trip last weekend but the thunder storms put us off.

My dad and his wife have booked their flights and arrive on 4 January, we are so excited, I haven't seen my dad for 7 years and my girls have never met him.

Girls have started Little Athletics and are loving it - thankfully

Miss T turned 5 - and I think each card included a double dose of attitude - she is hard work at the moment - eats everything but doesn't like anything, argues constantly, temper tantrums have started again, I think if I told her Santa was coming today, she would argue that she didn't want him to. Hate is also her favourite word at the moment. Please tell me the attitude will go away soon - very soon.

The girls are screaming and fighting as I type. Gotta go.........

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Debstar said...

I'd hate to break it to you Claire but the attitude goes away when she leaves home and someone else has to listen to her bitching.

She might just be needing a little more one-on-one time with either you or your husband to feel special. Make a point of having her tell you about the best part of her day, her favorite food, or favorite anything for that matter, just encourage her to talk about herself without the other 2 butting in. It's hard for a little kid to find their place in the family and being obnoxious might be the only way she can get extra attention.

I'm probably way off base but a little one-on-one time certainly can't be a bad thing. Make sure she knows this is HER special time with you so that she can see she is important to you.