Monday, 30 July 2007

Still sick

Kerryn, you jinxed me. My middle child got sick yesterday as did my husband, so that is 4 out of the 5 of us - and my middle child puked in my bed last night.

This sickness has come on so quickly. It was quite amusing in a way cos Jon is approx 2.5 hours behind me with the bug. Everything I feel, he gets 2.5 hours later. Youngest is a lot better but still not right. She is very clingy, I am struggling to keep up with who got what meds when. Baby is allergic to Panadol but can have Nurofen and Panadol suppositries - whole other story. I am allergic to Nurofen and can only have Panadol. Jon will take any drug he can get his hand on right now.

This bug is really nasty. I have just had to cancel creche, swimming and physio for tomorrow and will see tomorrow about Wednesdays appointments.

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