Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Child Care?

Child care or not to child care, now or later?

I have far too many decisions to make. Occasional Care, Family Day Care or Long Day Care. What I really need is my mum, but she is not here so I have to choose. Not only what is the best for my children but also what is best for my family, business, finances, sanity. It is all too hard.

Do I keep my kids in preschool or just go with the day care, do I do both or none. And what about my son, before and after school care or neighbours and friends.

I think I come up with an answer and then I change my mind again. I really do need my mum, even if just to tell me what to do, but my mum is too good for that. She would say I have to do what is right for me - and I just don't know.

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Kek said...

Well, I used family day care for years and always found it great - I was lucky enough to have two very long-term carers. My kids went to 'normal' kinder, their day care mum took them and picked them up. She also picked up the older one(s) from school, so I only had one stop on the way home from work.

It was also cheaper than a cild care centre...I don't know whether that still applies.

My kids did all the same kind of activities they would have done at home (well, maybe they watched less TV...) and got a lot more attention as one of 3 or 4 kids than they would have amongst 20 or 30.

Gather all the information and do a pros and cons list, then see which you feel more drawn to.

Whatever you choose, kids are pretty resilient - they may take a little time to settle, but a couple of months down the track, you'll wonder what you were worried about.