Friday, 6 July 2007


The Big W toy catalogue arrived the other day and my 3 children eagerly read it looking for inspiration for Birthday and Christmas presents. My son found the MP3 player he desperately wants and can't stop looking at the picture. I may need to laminate it for him so he can keep it forever (well it is a long time til Christmas). Oh and the Harry Potter books.

Other than that though there was absolutely nothing in it that any of my 3 children wanted or needed. Now either they are strange children and don't like what the rest of the population of children adore or they are........spoilt. Yes I confess my kids are spoilt, they have so many toys that they don't even play with. But what do I get them for Christmas and Birthdays?

I thought the books were a good idea and could be bought from one of the many relatives that sends money (and then I have to trawl the shops looking for inspiration) so off we went me and my 3 kids to Big W.

Couldn't find a shopping trolley, should have been a warning, but continued anyway. The Harry Potter books were at the entrance. It got busy, and then busier and then even busier and then unbelievable - there were hundreds of people (well tens) with 2 shopping trolleys filled with toys queuing up to put them on lay by. Now I don't like shopping at the best of times (if I was to analyse this, I probably don't like other people in the shops when I want to shop but anyway) but I found it hard to understand why people do it. They must queue for hours to put on lay by and I must admit I have only done it once but it was an awful experience. I queued for ages to lay by, I queued even longer to pick it up and then they couldn't find it and it got worse.......I would rather pay full price and get less for my money than do that again.
Maybe I am spoilt also.........


Kristy said...

Hi Cherub

I hate shopping (or people) too. I went to a bargain sale yesterday. You know everything under $50. It was a dark yuck building, crowded, lines were huge and to try stuff on you had to wait as well. I too prefer paying a little more and going when no people are around. It's more relaxing it think.


Kek said...

Thank goodness my kids are too old for toys now!

I used to take advantage of the July toy sales and Christmas layby every year. The trick is to work out what you want in advance, get there as soon as they open, whip round and fill your trolley, and you're done while most of the lazy population are still eating their corn flakes!

If only the shops would open at 7:00am....

Cherub said...

I just talked to a friend who was still up on the evening the sales started at 11pm. She decided to stay up and go to the sale at midnight when the shops opened. She has all her birthday and Christmas shopping done. I am not that organised. I struggle to imagine what my kids might want in 6 months time.

Kek said...

Ha! That's the problem - you layby all that stuff, then November comes around and they ask for completely different things. So then you go spend as much again to make sure they get what they want.

Great savings - yeah!