Monday, 9 July 2007

Good times

Had a good weekend.
Saturday evening was a trivia night for the soccer club. That was an experience, I am still a naive Brit when it comes to some of the Aussie ways. I get BYO drinks and nibblies. Didn't realise that I would need to take my own glasses to drink from and napkins. I learn something everyday. Great night, lots of laughs, drinks, dancing and cheating (well not really because there was no rules) and we still didn't win. Some people must cheat really big.
Saturday morning managed a long lie in (or a lion - rooooaar - as my kids call it????) anyway it was very nice. I even got a snooze in the afternoon and then out for dinner so no cooking. Home to watch the last episode of Heros and then Grays Anatomy.
Weekend couldn't be much better.

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Debstar said...

BYO glasses! That's a newie to me. Have you ever gone to a morning tea where it's bring a plate? A Brit friend of mine came along with the's supposed to have food on it. Boy was she embarrassed but it provided alot of laughs.