Saturday, 28 July 2007

Had a nice weekend planned and then........

my youngest daughter got sick. It is Jon's birthday on Tuesday and because we never do much during the week, or ever, I decided to plan some things for the weekend. Last night, Friday, the kids had a pyjama party at the occasional care centre, so Jon and I took the opportunity to go out for a meal, on our own.

Before we left the youngest was a bit clingy, I was a bit naughty and dosed her up with Nurofen, and off we went. She was fine when we got to the centre and I figured, nothing would happen in the 2 hours that I was away from her. (and it didn't) I did however make the decision not to drink, not even a glass of wine, because I suspected I would be in for a rough night. Meal was very nice, company, nice to catch up with my husband again and that kids had a ball. Baby girl was fine.

Came home, put them to bed and baby vomited. Changed the bed, gave lots of cuddles and more Nurofen, but her back to bed and you guessed it, she puked again. Now struggling for bedding. Decided not to put her to bed yet, but keep her downstairs with us, near the easily cleanable tiled floor. She fell asleep, and settled. Did have a rough night, she had a very high temperature and was awake on and off through the night. I started to realise that my 8am creche and gym appointment would not be happening.

This morning, I also cancelled dinner for tonight. I had arranged for friends to come over, but didn't think it was right to pass her germs onto 2 other families (and 5 kids).

Just as well really cos our stars for today said that the evening would not be fun. I figured either it went ahead and she puked or we had to cancel. (oh my god this is the first time I have ever modified my life as a result of reading my stars)

As it is I have never seen her so sick. She has stopped puking but can barely walk, keeps whimpering and crying, won't eat and I can't do anything to help her. It really breaks my heart to see her like this. Glad I cancelled, even if the evening had been ok, I could not justify not cuddling her all day.

ps my washing machine is more tired than usual today.

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Kek said...

Ugh - there's nothing worse than kids puking in their beds....except for kids puking in YOUR bed.

Hope it's a 24-hour bug!