Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my husband Jon and my gran.

Sorry Jon your birthday is not going to be very special today, who would have thought we would still be so sick for this long. Jon is wrapped up in bed now trying to keep warm.

I feel bad, I didn't get chance to wrap his presents, the kids were making cards for him at last minute last night, coughing and crying over the paper - nice!!

I posted a present to my gran and then heard there is a UK postal strike so she may not get it in time.

My gran has got grandchildren and great grandchildren here in Australia, the UK and in Canada. Gran, god bless her, sent Jon some AU$$ and some Canadian dollars, I am assuming my cousin in Canada got the same.

She is starting to remind me of my Nanna who passed last year. She always managed to spell words wrong in our Christmas and Birthday Cards, it was cute and amusing we used to look out for it. She would spell my mam's (her daughter's) name wrong. She even spelt her own name wrong on occasion, and somtimes we were surprised how the cards arrived at all. Every error was different every time. I miss her.

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