Sunday, 29 July 2007


As predicted Baby is asleep. Quite peaceful. I have the choice of sitting in the quiet and reading my book (by the way I caved and got another crime fiction book) or do some ironing.

Not much of a choice and especially as I feel really sick. My head is pounding, my throat hurts, my cough is not giving up and my chest is tight. I think I have caught the lurgy. I am not ready. I haven't totally gotten over my last cold. So panadol and the book I think it is. The ironing and everything else will have to wait until the cleaning fairy arrives.

Oh as I had my hands full (literally) all day yesterday with a 2 year old and my husband was out at soccer and then driving around all the local suburbs looking for a late night pharmacy, I tried to order a Pizza for dinner for the family. I got through it ok I thought for a first timer and then they said an hour and a half, can you believe it? Can you see me telling my other kids, I have ordered Pizza, it will be here by the morning!!! Yeah right. I should have known I could rely on Jon to bring home, panadol, nurofen and McDonalds.


Debstar said...

I used to coach a basketball team once. It sucked, no one ever thanks you and all they ever do is whinge.
The parents used to sit on the sideline and bellyache about anything and everything and never ever offer to help.

Debstar said...

Forgot to say, hope you get well soon.