Friday, 13 July 2007


Feeling a little bit low lately and am starting to think it could be to do with the books I am reading. I love crime fiction but right now I think I need some balance. Probably the last 10 books have been about murders and child molesters. I need to look for some nice light hearted reading.

Also probably need to avoid too much business and training material. I think I need a break.


Kristy said...

Hi Claire

That's funny because I have been having a really low week as well for no reason as far as I am aware. Maybe it's just this week. Something in the air...

My week is starting to get better now it is nearly over, but I hope next week is better for you as well.


ms_attitude said...

I think it's something to do with all this miserable weather too - we are usually so spoilt this time of year with beautiful cobalt blue skies, but...yes, it's been good having rain and filling dams, but it really does nothing for one's mood!
LOL I'm with you on the murder mysteries though - I've balanced my holiday trash reading with a mix of murder and just total trash (Maggie Alderson's book) so at least I'll have a good mind break away from study!!

Debstar said...

My suggestion - Get out a Paul Jennings book of short stories and read them out to your kids.

I once went to Darwin for a few days and bought one of his books as a present for my daughter. I read it in the plane on the way up and giggled all the way. The guy has a wicked sense of humour.