Saturday, 5 May 2007

Sports Rage

Ok so I only got to 1.20pm before I looked at my watch every 50 seconds or so to see if it was time to collect them, but today, well..... I got up to noise, loud music, loud children, mess (which to me is like noise) so today I could easily leave them until at least 2pm. Now I do like loud noise and lively upbeat music - just not when everything else is in chaos.

A visit to my podiatrist this morning did not put me in a much better frame of mind. He said that my body was not even nearly balanced. He thinks the shoulder injury is causing so much disruption to my body that it needs some serious stretching (my body that is) and a priority to fix my shoulder. Which I knew I guess. What I didn't like was the way he just sat there shaking head saying, "I just don't know where to start." It made me feel so good - not. It is a good job I know him quite well now.

Then, I went to watch my son play soccer again, his team were playing so well, and enjoying themselves especially as they were winning 13-0 until the ref (who also happened to be the coach of the other team) starting disallowing their goals, because they were offside. Now in a grown up game I would agree but, they are under 8's and there is no offside rule, and most of our kids have no idea what it means, all they knew was that for some reason 3 or more of their goals were disallowed, but didn't understand why. You could see the confusion on their faces. After the 3rd or 4th occasion our manager reminded the ref that there is no offside in under 8's. He said he was aware of that but as his team was more than 10-0 down he wanted to give them a break.

We all sympathised with his team but now he had totally confused ours. Anyway my husband Jon who is the coach, told his team not to score anymore goals but to concentrate on their passing skills. I don't know if this helped the other team or just humiliated them, but we couldn't let our kids be disappointed because of good goals being disallowed.

I hate sports rage and parents getting involved but today understood how it could happen. It think every child and parent left the game disappointed albeit for different reasons.

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