Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Now I really really love dancing, in fact I went out with the girls on Saturday night and danced almost all night - that was until we got kicked out, birthday girl allegedly had too much to drink.
Point is - given my love of dancing, I love amongst others, Madonna, Abba, any 80's music and Kylie. That is until my kids and neighbours kids got into Kylie. I now hear Kylie day and night, 24/7. I have to say I don't like her much anymore and I may have to put my feather boa away. Shame this dislike seems to have happened at a very difficult media time for her but I can't help timing.

Dilemma: What am I going to do on a night out when Kylie plays, I will be happily dancing, being an adult, albeit I may think I am younger than I am, but - I will be reminded of my children. Not what I need on a night out.

Answers on a postcard to.......

ps still beats recorder homework

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