Friday, 11 May 2007

Amanda Evans has just wrote 3 really cool books that makes it easy for us to shop for our health.
The 3 books are
Food Shopping for Better Health: Weight Loss 2007
Food Shopping for Better Health: Heart Health 2007
Food Shopping for Better Health: Diabetes Type II 2007
and they are available from her website


Kristy said...

Hi Cherub, have you bought the food shopping for weight loss book? Can you provide a bit of an overview of what the book contains? Is it good? I'm always looking for new resources to motivate and inspire me.

Thanks for your help

Cherub said...

Hi Kristy

The book gives really simple information to help us to choose healthier foods.

What I like about it is that not everyone is able to, likes to or has time to read the nutrition labels on food.

This book just provides the top 5 foods, in this case, for weight loss, for a type of food, ie yoghurt, cheese, ham etc. It doesn't go into all the detail of nutritional content so it is easy to take shopping with you and you don't need to think, you only need to choose a brand in the top 5.

I have got more info about the book including kj comparisons between, what people think is a healthy menu and the foods the book recommends. If you would like more info contact me at