Saturday, 26 May 2007

I need new clothes

But first I need some income, that might not be too far off. Yesterday I went for a job interview. I was quite sceptical about the whole thing, thinking that there was very little chance of it fitting in with my children and then the cost of child care to consider also. I was pleasantly surprised.

It felt more like they were selling the place to me rather than me selling myself and then they were talking more like when I start rather than if. Which is good for me. What is better is that I only need to do one shift a week. Why would you bother? I hear you ask. I want to work in a gym to gain experience. I believe you learn more from experience than you ever can in a classroom. Anyhow I do a shift next week. I will keep you updated.

So to the clothes. I went out for dinner twice last week. Both on rather cold Sydney evenings, on Thursday it was the Zaaffran Indian restaurant in Darling Harbour, we sat outside and enjoyed a beautiful dinner and wonderful company. You would never know that I had last seen them about 3 years ago. Anyway, I realised I do not have a jacket, at least not one that I would wear to a restaurant. So I wore a sports jacket in the car and took it off to go to the restaurant. I didn't have one last year but as the kids were so young, I can only imagine, I didn't go anywhere to need one otherwise I would have known this earlier.

To the happier point of this story, over with the doom and gloom of no money and a young family, oh woah is me!!! I found in my wardrobe a nice jacket I had bought years ago and tried it on. Well, it was huge, there was no way I could have worn it. I had forgotten but got a nice reminder of how much weight I have lost. Most of my old clothes have been given away but one or two items linger.

Anyway for the sake of preventing hypothermia, I don't think the purchase of a new jacket is extravagant so hopefully this afternoon I am off to the shops. (Does this mean I will need more dinners out to make the purchase of a new jacket worthwhile?)


In addition to the jacket, I have just found out the that dress code for my graduation party next month is ...cocktail........ now there is a whole other story......... and possibly a dress.

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Kek said...

The only thing better than finding a nice piece of clothing in your wardrobe that you've forgotten about, is finding one that's now too big for you!

If you have no luck finding a new jacket at the right price, what about having the old one altered? It may be an economical alternative.