Sunday, 27 May 2007

Nutrimetics - or is it?

On Thursday I was invited to a Nutrimetics party by a friend. (obviously a friend, why would someone who didn't know me invite me?) I wasn't sure I wanted to go as today, Sunday, is my first Sunday off in months and I wanted to stay home Saturday night with my husband and be able to watch a movie til late without worrying about going to college the next day.

Anyway the hermit in me decided to break free and go out with friends and socialise. Actually I have done that a lot this week, which is why I felt a bit guilty (maybe not guilty( but why I wanted to stay home.
OK so I went, I picked up another friend on the way so she could have a drink. How nice am I?

Most will know what a Nutrimetics party is like so I won't go into details, but this one was weird. It was a spa party so we did relaxation - two of us (not me) went so deep that it was quite difficult to bring them back, but we did.

I, then had an allergic reaction to the soothing (or not so soothing) eye pads and felt like I was having pins stuck in my eyes.

Then ,the party person held onto my girlfriends hand and starting talking to her about her brother that had passed many years ago, who was trying to talk to her through the party person. This totally spooked and upset my friend. So after party person left we stayed up til very late talking, as you do (and might I add all without alcohol for me).

A couple of the girls are having parties in the coming weeks. I am very curious about the medium side of it, but will be very wary of using any soothing eye pads.

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Debstar said...

I really hate those party plan things where you feel compelled to buy something....anything to justify being there so you end up buying something that you don't need at a ridiculous high price.
That party you went to sounds crazy, almost worth going to.
Actually I'm really allergic to the Nutrimetics lipstick and I'm not real good with the mascara either.