Monday, 28 May 2007

Deja vu

As I was hanging out the washing this morning, my youngest daughter (aged 2) managed to lock the door and locked me and my other daughter outside. It's ok stay calm, she can open it again. But she couldn't. I ran around the front to go in the front door. Oh dear, in the interests of security and safety, I locked that so that my kids couldn't get out, while I was hanging out the washing. Never mind, a few neighbours have a spare key, hmmm but they are at work on Monday mornings, another neighbour has a key for my house hidden in their garden (as you might guess, due to a similar past experience, but not the deja vu experience, this has happened too many times) so off I went. The key didn't fit in my lock. I don't know whose key I have but it is not mine.

Try ringing the front door bell, see if I can get her to unlock and open that one. No trained them too well - never open the door to anyone. Tried to coax the unlocking of the back door, now she is refusing, she saw a kiwi fruit, got it sat down in front of the door and starting eating it. I'm thinking what is next, the chocolate, or maybe even the vodka, left free in a house of rules with no mum, how drunk will she be before she finally agrees to open the door? I had visions....

Tried to say daddy is coming go open the door, she had no idea which door I was talking about. Eventually she understood. I went to the front to encourage her. She said, "mam, it's locked" I tried to calmly say I know unlock it, she didn't know how. Eventually the door opened and we got inside. I have now taught her to unlock the door so should it happen again, she can. Not sure from a safety point of view that was wise. Maybe I need to keep a key around my neck the whole time. Shame we don't have letter boxes in the door like in the UK. I could have my key attached to a piece of string on the inside.

The deja vu part. All am I going to say is it happened nearly 6 years ago with my son, after moving in to a new neighbourhood and not knowing many neighbours. Same situation, hanging out washing. At least this time I was dressed. I knew my neighbours a little too well after that.

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Kristy said...

Hi Claire

I've tagged you. Please check my blog.

Cheers Kristy

p.s glad you got back inside ok. That's always my worst fear locking myself out (I don't have kids to lock me out...)