Monday, 7 May 2007

Black & Blue

My legs look like very bruised apples and my right wrist has suffered lots of ice and is now bandaged. Despite the injuries we had a great session yesterday where we all regressed to be between the ages of 4 and 12.

We were learning about the different stages of child development and how to program for the various stages. We broke the session up by playing some children's games. It was heaps of fun and actually a fantastic cardio workout. Some of the games were, pretending to be animals, getting into groups of 4 and spelling words with our bodies. We played stuck in the mud and dead ants, musical chairs and musical mats were in there as well, as were body part slaps and many many more, but I think the game that caused most people the most pain was Indians and Tee Pees.

I was very surprised though that a few of my class said that was fun, they don't often have fun like that. I thought that was very sad, especially as some of them have young children. If having young children is not a good excuse to behave like that on a regular basis (maybe minus the injuries) I don't know what it.

I love playing and having fun with my kids, it just reminded me to do it a bit more often from the point of view of being with my kids in a positive way, keeping us all moving, relieving stress and just having fun and laughing. To be honest I think the body part worked most during the class was the ribs from laughing so much.

My bruises will heal no problem, hopefully my wrist won't be too far behind, especially as Jon headed to Melbourne at 5.30am this morning, and I am not too good with my left hand and 3 children. It is a lot less painful than yesterday already.

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