Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Get used to it!

I am exhausted, I am desperately trying to stay up later than my 2 & 3 year olds. I really have no choice as I am the only one looking after them. I should get them ready for bed and take them up but it is so much easier to sit here and just move my fingers.

I qualified on Sunday which means no more evenings of study and lectures and no more Sundays. Most would expect that now I could sit back and rest for a little while, but oh no not me I (in my wisdom or maybe stupidity) arranged to do some work experience with a local trainer. Did I arrange for a nice leisurely afternoon session - no, I started just before 6am on Monday morning so no time for celebration or relaxation. On top of that with my first Tuesday off, I had arranged to go out to a dinner with my daughters pre-school parent group. So up early Monday, out late Tuesday, can I rest today, no I was up again at 5.15am and training at 6am.

You would think from the way I am going on that I am used to sleeping in until oh after 9am - no I am usually up by 6am - 6.30am at the latest but that little bit earlier makes all the difference. As the title says, get used to it. This is what I signed up for, this is what I love to do and to be honest I can't wait to get my own clients and at least be earning a little bit of money for my efforts. It's not that bad, I really couldn't pay for the experience I am getting.

Man, when did I get older and wiser? Obviously after I arranged the 6am Monday morning training sessions!


linda said...

Hi Claire- this is the first time I've read your blog. Congratulations of now being qualified!! I've had big change of career and am now working in a gym and also have some private clients. Apart from the early mornings- I'm loving it!!

Kek said...

Ha! Welcome to the sucky part of personal training! Early mornings, evenings, weekends... those the times when most people want to train, and when 'normal' people are having a life!

When it gets you down, remind yourself that you're getting paid to do what you love. And when a client achieves their goal and can't wait to share the news with you, THAT makes it all worthwhile!

Debstar said...

Congratulations Claire. I know you are going to love your new career.