Wednesday, 30 May 2007

First group outdoor group training session

So this morning I was let loose on a group (well actually only two, but I think more than one counts as a group) of ladies to train them. This is part of the work experience I am doing to the trainer was putting his faith in me not to spoil his reputation with his clients.

I wrote the program yesterday and then this morning I got into it. I had met the ladies a couple of times before so I knew them a little. It was fun, I really enjoyed it and didn't feel nervous at all. I am taking that as a sign that this is obviously what I am destined to do.

I got some really good constructive feedback that I can use to make me a better trainer and a lot of pleasing positive feedback, both from the trainer and the clients.

The trainer even talked about me taking some of his classes so he can have a lie in. All good. So far I am loving my new career choice.


Debstar said...

Hooray for a great start to your training.
Hmmmm taking over some classes.... sounds like they'll be the horrid 5.30am ones. Hope you like getting up with the sparrows.

Drea said...

Good on you for your change in career.. your so brave! It sounds like you're loving it.


Selina said...

hey Claire!
Thanks for your comment on my blog :)
Congrats on the career choice, it is lots of fun ain't it!!!