Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Squeaky shoes

I have struggled and been extremely embarrassed by squeaky running shoes for so long. It is only in running shoes, not in cross trainers or any other shoes. I put it down to wearing orthotics and resigned myself to squeaking and not looking cool in the gym. I never noticed it when I was running or in the cardio room, but when I had to walk through the quieter weights room, there it was.

A friend of mine (some time ago) suggested putting powder in my shoes, I thought good idea, worth a try, but I didn't own powder. A couple of weeks ago the Avon catalogue caught my eye and I ordered some. It arrived and sat in my bathroom for a little while.

Then my husband said that he had googled and found a site that offered remedies for "squeaky shoes" (he has far too much free time). One suggestion was hand cream in the shoes and another powder so I tried it, and in both pairs of runners, the squeaking has stopped. Not only that but they must smell pretty good too, as I have no sense of smell I can honestly say they do but they must.
How good is that and I must learn to take peoples advice sooner.

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Kek said...

My orthotics make my shoes squeak too - thanks for the tip, Claire!