Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Long Weekend

We had a pretty quiet weekend. We stayed home mostly and tried to get up to date with some around the house jobs, including cleaning out the office, putting draught excluders around the door frames, playing a few games with the kids and trying to get some laundry done between the rain showers.

Monday morning my outdoor class that I am doing work experience at was running so off I went at 6am. Many of the class were not coming so the instructor decided to change the class to a 4.5k run. I was so not prepared for that. I had done a 4k run the afternoon before and was not yet ready for another, but I did it. I was taught as a trainer not to complain and that you should always be able to pull another 10 push ups out of the bag when needed. Well in this case it was a 4.5k run.

Later as the kids had cabin fever (and we were on the verge of committing crimes against them) we attempted to take them 10 pin bowling, only to be told they only had one lane left at 2.30pm and then 6pm. The kids were so disappointed but we booked and my husband took them back at 2.30pm, while I had a nice sleep.

Actually the sleep was not so nice, I could swear I was awake the whole time, I must have been dreaming that I was being woken up by noisy children, children that weren't even in my house.

Later we watched a recording of Nerds FC. It was very amusing. A group of self confessed nerds who have 3-4 months to become a soccer team capable of holding their own against a team of international soccer players. Their first game was to play an elite team of under 11's. Amusing.

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