Monday, 18 June 2007

Dress ups

We are having a panic. My son's school is having a book week parade tomorrow, this is where everyone has to dress up as their favourite book character. I am in no way domestic so making a costume is totally out of the question. As my son informed me the only dress ups we seem to have at home are tinkerbell, cinderella and various other fairy costumes. It would probably damage him too much to make him wear a tinkerbell outfit. I have suggested so far Captain Underpants - he is not too impressed with that. The latest suggestion is the invisible man, I could then keep him home for the day - panic over!!!

He is so over dress ups so we don't have them, he is too old for spiderman and batman but the pressure the school is putting on him is really getting to him. Why do the schools put so much pressure on kids and therefore the parents. This is supposed to be enjoyable for them, but from what I am hearing most of them are stressing about outdoing their mates.


Debstar said...

I haven't checked in for a few days and then bam here you are blogging like crazy! Shame about the graduation party not being quite up to par.

If you are doing dress ups from a book rather than a cartoon character the easiest would be to go in a pair of pj's. There's the kids from Peter Pan who fly out the window in their pj's. Or maybe not. Too late for suggestions anyway. I'm sure he'll get through it with the hundred or so pirates. lol

Kek said...

i have one word for you Claire: PIRATE

It always worked for me - a pair of black pants, gumboots, any old top and just tie a piece of fabric around his hips for a sash. A bandanna in a matching colour, an eye patch (anyone can make an eye patch from a piece of black felt and some elastic) and if you have a plastic sword, that's a bonus.

Which book, you ask? Pick any book with pirates in it - Peter Pan will do.

BTW, I think Captain Underpants was a brilliant idea - can't imagine why your son didn't go for it....