Monday, 25 June 2007

World Vision - Aids

I, like many other Australians (or I should say other people in Australia, because I am not really Australian) sponsor a child in Africa, Mozambique actually, through World Vision. I decided to do this after realising how lucky I am to have such a rich life. I have 3 (usually) healthy children and I have food and water every day.

Even though I have made this committment, I still need to be reminded now and again of how difficult life is for these children. Today I got an email inviting me to an exhibition called "One Life Experience" where you’ll get to ‘live’ life through the eyes of a child in Africa.

From here I linked to the website and found the following...... I find it very hard to comprehend how 5,500 people in Africa are dying from Aids every day.


HIV and AIDS have created the biggest crisis the world has ever seen. It is killing more people than any war or famine in history. Every 11 seconds, someone dies of AIDS. That’s 2.9 million deaths a year. This death toll includes a lot of children, who are often infected during pregnancy or through breast-feeding. Millions of parents have died, leaving a whole generation of young orphans forced to take care of themselves and their younger siblings. Although the toll is worst in Africa, where 5,500 people die of AIDS every day, the pandemic is right on our doorstep. The World Health Organization has predicted that by 2015, there could be one million cases of HIV infection in Papua New Guinea.

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