Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Sore legs

I know, I don't know what happened yesterday. My little fingers just would not stop tapping.

After some major work on convincing my son that it didn't matter that Luke Skywalker has a green light saber, blue or red would work just fine, we turned a black tshirt inside out (to hide the logos) donned some black pants and a blue light saber and voila - Luke Skywalker.

This morning I bumped into a lady I train and she said her legs and butt hurt. I felt a little (only a little) bad for her so thought I owe it to her to make mine hurt - and I think they will tomorrow.


Drea said...

Good thinking with the dress up solution!

Did you just happen to have a light saber on hand??? or did you create one?!

It makes me laugh, I'm not really a Star Wars fan and it was only last year i found out they were called a light saber NOT a light saver!!! ha!

Cherub said...

My son is the biggest star wars fan and we have several light sabers on hand (just not a green one). How many toilet rolls do you think I would have needed to make a decent light saber? My daughters still call them light savers, much to the disgust of my son.