Saturday, 23 June 2007


I had a ball yesterday, first to the children's party at Lollipops. The kids went off and did their own thing and I was left to talk to the mums. Usually this would fill me with dread - I love my children but I can't talk about them all the time - but these mums were gym regulars, it was so nice to talk to like minded mums - those that also love their children but really enjoy that couple of hours in the gym when the kids are in creche. To top it all the mother of the birthday girl is owns a personal training facility in Melbourne. How cool is that. I should have talked to her weeks ago.

After that I headed home for a quick dinner and then off out to the clothes swap party. This was with a group of girls from my gym. I didn't come away with anything, can't really explain why - can't really explain to myself why and I have tried. Anyway it again was fun to get out for a couple of hours.

My life in Sydney finally seems to be coming together. It has been a long time coming and has been a lot harder to settle here than in New Zealand but I guess the circumstances are totally different. When we moved to NZ I had only one child. When we came here I was pregnant with my third and then very soon had 3 children, 2 under 17 months so socialising was quite difficult. As I said, that is improving now and I really like living here. (Still miss my mum though, and my dad, and my sister, and my brother, and my nephews and nieces - you get the idea)

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