Sunday, 24 June 2007

Tax Time

In a former life I was a tax advisor and then a tax investigator (not really sure I should admit this but there you go, it's out there now)

Anyway, I read this on the Herald this morning

Tax office targets

The Australian Taxation Office has decided where its spotlight will shine when it reviews tax returns this year. It says it will focus on:

Tourism, travel consultants and guides
Fitness and sporting industry employees
Construction tradespeople who are employees
Guards and security employees
Mining site employees (for another year).

Oh joy!!

1 comment:

Kek said...

Claire, you know that if you tell no lies, then you have nothing to worry about. :-)

Besides, they said EMPLOYEES - the chance of a small business being audited is already sky-high.... oh, is that not comforting? ;-)

If you have any big purchases planned, you know that this week is the time to do it! I hope my spin bike comes this week....