Monday, 30 April 2007

Roo ball soccer

My son's soccer team won 13-0 this weekend. I think all the players either scored a goal or assisted in the goal, which made for a very happy group of 8 year olds and a very happy coach who happens to be my husband. Unfortunately, the trend did not continue, his team played later in the day and managed to come away with a draw. The upside, however is that they did not come away with any broken bones this week.
My girls, well while we were watching my son's soccer game they were digging for worms. My girly girls did not look too girly by the end. God bless Napisan.

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Debstar said...

Girls digging for worms. Good Stuff!
I had friends that would dress their girls up in frilly dresses and then stop them from getting dirty...even at playgroup! Poor kids were not allowed anywhere near paints, where's the fun in that?
Digging for worms is good, eating them is not.