Friday, 13 April 2007

Those of you that have children will either be nodding your head, thinking I remember those days or shaking your head thinking, girl you got it easy that is nothing (which is my biggest fear).

Those that have not had children will be thinking that I must be the most incompetent mother, I can't be that bad.

Those that are seriously considering having children at the moment probably should not read on.

How is it that a child can look so ugly with a red blotchy tear stained face due to all the screaming, shouting, crying, lying face down kicking her feet in tantrum, removing all her clothes in tantrum, refusing to wear clothes, a nappy or shoes and screaming again - can look like an angel when she is sleeping.

How is it that my heart can be filled with both love and hatred for her at the same time.

How is it that this morning she is able to forget that anything happened the last couple of days.

How can I keep my fingers crossed all day in the hope that she stays happy and still function properly.

Mother Nature I guess. - But will my calves hurt tomorrow from all the tiptoeing around her.

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LizN said...

Thanks for leaving your comment in my Blog Claire. Nice to meet you and good luck with setting yourself up. I'm still learning to drive my website ;)

Liz N