Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Sad news

Late yesterday afternoon, I received the sad news that my friends sister had lost her long battle with cancer. Sending them all my love.


Kek said...

That's so sad, Claire. Cancer is a horrible disease, and needs to be stamped out! On that subject, are you doing the Mothers Day Classic?

Cherub said...

I'm at college on Sundays so will have to miss out this year. I am considering doing the city to surf later this year. It's a bit longer and would take some training towards but I think I could do it. I really need to commit and just say I will do it. Watch this space.

liz said...

Hi Claire, thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry to hear about your friend.
City to surf would be a great goal. I learned that you dont really need to have run the full distance before the race. I had never run more than 10k when I did the 15k run 4 kids. But it was really easy to run with the crowd there. Just work up to it slowly and you'll be fine. Love that post about the kids! Good luck with your business venture too. Liz :)