Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Just had a nice peaceful hour reading everyone's blogs and the news. I woke up early so it was nice to catch up in the quiet, no kids fighting or making demands. Dora was playing in the background but that was ok, my eldest daughter, Miss T was up but she is happy to chill for a bit as well.

Today after I have got my son off to school, we are heading to the gym (creche for my girls) and then we are off to the RSL for lunch and kids day. We are meeting friends there. The weather forecast is not too go for today though so may need to change to an indoor venue.

I am trying to make my workouts a priority again, life seemed to get in the way for a little while there and my workout time was suffering. I find routine is the best way for me, I am not very good at trying to fit in workouts, they need to be planned and probably started before 9.30am or are they are unlikely to happen.

It's also difficult because I need to book the creche a week in advance so if no planning, no childcare and no workout. Difficult but not impossible. A workout appointment is now kept, barring sickness but I think we have had more than our fair share of that lately.

Think positive. We all have problems, difficulties, barriers, but the best of us find a solution.

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