Friday, 28 September 2007

Birthday Party

Just a little about Miss T birthday.

She had a great day, got up really early telling us all that she is 4 now. We have a rule in this house that you can't go downstairs until we are all ready and then we go down together. I'm sure this rule will upset my son in a couple of years when he hits his teenage years and his sisters are still little and excitable but he will have to get over it.

She opened her presents and we all had breakfast and were getting ready to go out, when my dad phoned from the UK. It was really good to talk to him, he works away from home a lot and is not always available to have long chats with so how could I cut him off and say I need to get ready to go out now. I passed him on to Jon to talk to while I got ready. I haven't seen my dad since I left the UK 6 years ago. His wedding is next year and I would so love to go, but it is highly unlikely.

Anyway to Miss T. We headed to Hungry Jacks for her party, she was dressed in her brand new sparkly fairy outfit with her hair all pretty. It was very cute to see 15 little girls, all mostly dressed in fairy outfits and one boy. My girls fight over this one boy, they both want to marry him. Dangers of having girls close together.

Hungry Jacks was her venue of choice, because that is where she had it last year and I think she thinks that is where she has her parties. I am not too worried about this as

1 It is much cheaper than all other party venues
2 It is less hassle than having it at home

After the party we headed out to the local spring fair.

A very nice day.


Kristy said...

Sounds like a great day. How cute she must be a 4 and in a fairy costume :)

Michelle said...

I had my eldest daughter's birthday party at Hungry Jacks a couple of years ago. It was great - no stress.