Saturday, 8 September 2007

This n that

Having a pretty quiet long weekend. Jon is in the Gold Coast for the weekend pretending to be 20 again.

The kids and I watched the Goonies last night. It is so long since I have seen it, I kinda didn't realise it had a bit of language in it.

This morning we went to creche well the kids did I went to the gym. My son doesn't really like to go he is a bit old for it but with Jon away I needed him to come with me. I just did a quick cardio workout, but man, I had to hold on going down the steps, probably like Jon was doing last night, but for totally different reasons.

The gym called me back and want me to go in for a trial next week. That is good. It is very local and they are so cool about me having kids - so I will give it a go.

We are in the market for a spa at the moment. We have found what we think is a good one at a good price, but I know not to trust sales people. Any advice?

Got a bit of a niggle in my left shin. It will not be shin splints!!! I refuse. Started earlier this week so been giving running a wide birth last few days.

What movie to watch tonight? Not sure. Last few nights have been reading, psychology of weight loss books. Think I need a night off.

Think happy thoughts and smile!

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