Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Child restraints - or not?

I had a really lovely couple of minutes with my youngest daughter today. Only a couple of minutes - and she was asleep. She is being really horrible at the moment. We had a huge fight at the petrol station and it all started because I made her hold my hand as we walked across the forecourt (because I wanted her to be safe or something).

She refused to get in her car seat, many threats and brute force later she still pulled her arms out as soon as I started the car. I ended up pulling into a carpark space and sitting there for 20 minutes with her screaming, me trying to ignore her and not look like a cruel mother. I even gave my other daughter juice to try and gain a bargaining (not bribery) tool with my youngest. My fear here is that Miss T would then need the toilet.

She eventually exhausted herself and we drove home. I gave her a drink, all that screaming and squirming must have made her thirsty, then carried her straight up to bed. When all was quiet, I crept in sat on her bed, watched her, kissed her and told her I loved her - all while she was asleep of course. Subliminally she knows I love her but consciously she will not have won our fight.

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Michelle said...

The really do test you, don't they?

I always make sure I go in and look at my girls when they are asleep. They look like such angels - it makes me forget what devils they are when they are awake!