Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Running in the rain

I've got a job interview this morning and I had to slot it in when I had booked to do my gym session. It's difficult with kids to arrange a time and the gym said I could bring them and put them in the creche - a gym that understands that 30 something women often have kids!!

So I cancelled my gym session and vowed to run this morning before Jon went to work. I knew there was a high chance of rain, but got up and went anyway. It was very wet and very cold, I didn't enjoy it much, my ears were really cold. However now I am back, have had my hot shower, I feel good that my workout is done for the day.

I didn't say that as I was on the homeward stretch, the rain stopped, the clouds broke and a rainbow appeared - shame I couldn't have had that extra hour sleep and then gone for my run.


Debstar said...

Good luck on the job.

Its cold and raining here too but I'm too lazy to go out in it.

Yummy Mummy said...

Good luck.. is it a PT position???
I have been known to also exercise in the rain!