Wednesday, 15 July 2009


This morning was a rush, I had to get my kids to Holiday Club early this morning as I had a 9am appointment in the opposite direction to get all my moles checked. Thankfully all good. Next appointment in a couple of years.

Last night though was spent rather restlessly wincing in pain as I tried to turn over, forgetting that my back was sore and then listening to the girls coughing. My back is much better today though. I am still not game enough to bend down to tie shoe laces but my youngest and I did have a nice morning walking to the park to play on the playgrounds. I didn't do much playing, I have to admit.

We saw, cars, bikes, dogs, dogs in prams, birds, trees, trees with holes in, trees chopped down, people BBQing and people eating sandwich picnics. We saw kids on skateboards, kids doing tennis lessons, kids screaming, and kids laughing.

Now I need to start dinner and then take CJ to AFL training.

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