Saturday, 11 July 2009

Put our children first

We had some dramas yesterday with my youngest daughter (4 years old).

I dropped her at her preschool, yesterday was her last day as for the last few weeks I hadn't been happy with the way the preschool was running, they had made staff changes and when I raised my concerns, I was ignored. A place came up from next term at another preschool so she is going to start there.

When we got there yesterday there was a note on the sign in register to say that the usual staff were sick and instead, the owner had brought in her son!!!

I had an appointment and I didn’t know what to do, I left her there but was not comfortable with it. When I got back to the car, I burst into tears. I had left my little girl with 2 people that I had absolutely no confidence in. Why because I had an appointment? I felt like the worst mother.

I called Jon and talked to him, we agreed that I would go right back in and pull her out. So I did. I don't like confrontation so I was going to make up some story about a family emergency and needed to go. But no, firstly I didn't want to tempt fate, secondly, I was so furious that someone had such a lack of respect for our children and that she was more interested in money than safety and thirdly she had made me feel like a bad mother.

I have no idea if her son was a qualified child care worker (but I am pretty sure he wouldn’t be). Had he been cleared to work with children, probably not. How could I leave my precious daughter with those 2?

When I told the owner I was pulling my daughter out, she just said well it’s ok it’s her last day. – What does that mean?

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Ronnie said...

WTF!! You did the right thing. Where does she get off telling you it was OK. You decide what is OK for your kid. Not them.