Tuesday, 28 July 2009


When we are on a weight loss/figure changing journey we are told to take photographs because they are a good indication of our changing shape, especially if the scale is not moving as we would like.

However, what happens when, the scale is moving in quite a steep downwards slope, your confidence is sky high, you even stop disliking what you see in the mirror? You are feeling fitter and stronger, your skin is clearer, your clothes are looser and you are getting compliments, but then you see a photograph of yourself and realize that you are nowhere near as far along in the journey as you would like to be or think that you are.

You ignore it and concentrate on the feelings. As with the scale it is only one tool in the box.

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Kek said...

Do you have any idea what percentage of my clients can see any difference in their progress photos? Uh...that would be close to 0%.

LOL. An impartial third party will see things that we can never spot with our fat goggles on!