Monday, 20 July 2009

Catching up

Today has been a quiet day for us. The kids had a busy week last week and for this week of the school holidays, I have planned for it to be quiet, for me as much as for them.

I so need a break from running around to and from school, work various after school activities. Although this term has been less busy than the first term, due to me cancelling or moving kids activites, with 3 children it is still pretty busy. Not to mention getting up before 5am 6 days a week to train clients or myself.

Having said that, we are all going to the movies tomorrow to see Ice Age 3. My youngest is so looking forward to it. The girls have only been to the movies once before.

My back is feeling so much better. I actually took a backwards step with it over the weekend but it appears to be on the mend now.

Food is going well and the scales are moving downwards, always a plus. My mind is also in a very good spot right now.

I have spent most of the day at the computer catching up on emails to friends and even family that I have neglected for too long, there are still many I need to catch up with including my mam. I will call her soon, by that I mean in the next couple of hours when she gets up. It is early Monday morning for her right now.

My house is still a mess, much work to be done here, but that can wait. We have clean clothes to wear so all is good.

Enjoy your evening.


Kristy said...

Your sounding very positive Claire, good to hear :)

Debstar said...

"Cleaning the house before the kids stop growing is like shovelling snow before it stops snowing."
It's so much more important to enjoy the kids while you can. Hope they had fun at the movies.