Monday, 27 July 2009

Force feeding

Thankfully my first early get up after a weeks holiday wasn’t too rude an awakening for me. I managed to get up and out on time with no problems, I even remembered to reload the car with equipment last night.

We had a visit to playgroup this morning, I don’t normally go on the first day back as CJ is well and truly over playgroup and schools don’t go back until tomorrow, but as Miss T has only been away from playgroup for 2 terms, I thought it would be nice for her to go back and see some of her old friends. The girls had a great time, and why…..because two of the children were celebrating birthdays this week so the lollies and cakes were more than plentiful.

I was aware of this so I had my little snack of a hard boiled egg before I went. I still find it extremely annoying when other mums try and force feed you sweet stuff (me not the kids) even though I have told them many times that I don’t want that food. I had to decline the stuff more than half a dozen times today. If I wasn’t feeling so motivated I would definitely have caved in. All that caved in this time was her head as I hit it with a blunt instrument – oh no that was all in my mind.


Kristy said...

Lol I love your mental image. It is very annoying when people try to forcefeed you, but you know it makes them feel better if you eat it too.

Kek said...

Nice restraint Claire - both on refusing the food and on not getting physical with the crap-pushers.