Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Fancy dress

We have been invited to a fancy dress birthday party on 1 August. I am not keen on going into the city, Circular Quay, in fancy dress at all. I know it will be fun after I have consumed a few alcoholic beverages (please Jon don't make me be the safe driver, I know it is your friend really but.....) but it is the planning, the trying on, the hiring and returning of the costumes. Trying to find a costume with 3 kids attached to us will not be fun.

Okay so I'm a spoil sport, but I guess not being comfortable with your size and shape for so many years strikes fear into a girls heart, let alone her fairly conservative brain.

We have no idea what to go as - actually, I think Jon might, but he may have to think again.

Tell me your experiences. On second thoughts only tell me if they are good experiences. I am freaking about it enough as it is.


Kristy said...

Claire you know all about our costume, which was way out there, but I had a ball and would do it again. We had people taking photo's of us all night and coming up and touching. It was so much fun.

I think if you and Jon are both dressing up you won't feel so self conscious. I know I would of found it harder if I had of done it by myself.

Does it have a theme?

KatieP said...

I walk through Circular Quay at least twice a day and I see people in fancy dress all the time so no-one is going to take much notice.

Try adapting something you already have - maybe a suit for a gangster (with a hat), or a few scarves around a full skirt and some dangly earrings and a head scarf for a gypsy.

You could simply wear a beautiful mask (easy to buy and doesn't have to be returned).

The best thing about all of the above is you can take off the 'dressy' bits and just look normal if you feel uncomfortable.

Enjoy the party - you will look gorgeous!