Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Map reading

Now, I might be a bit of a girl when it comes to reading maps, but I am not that bad. I can read it and figure out where I am going to go, I can even do it without turning the map upside down. However, as soon as I set off in the car I can only remember the next left or right turn, beyond that I have totally forgotten. So I either have to stop every couple of minutes to read the map again or before I travel I write a note of Left on x st and then 2nd right on y ave then straight through roundabout. My passenger seat footwell is full of little notes, none with titles on so I don't even know what they refer to.

As a mobile personal trainer, I thought it better to save time and get a GPS - and I love it!! After I figured out how to use it properly. The only really annoying thing is that it doesn't know that some of the streets near my house are "NO RIGHT TURNS" so it is forever telling me that I am going the wrong way. It also constantly tells me I am going to fast in the school zones. I am yelling at it saying that it is school holidays and I am not.

Already I have driven through areas I would not normally because I would tend to stick to the major roads that have a minimal number of left or right turns.

Another annoying point is that my 3 kids like to repeat everything that the GPS says, but they will get over that, I hope.


Kek said...

You got the pretty purple button! Niiiiiiice!

Livy said...

Hi Cherub,
Just wanted to say thankyou so much for your kind comment on my blog. By reading your blog, it seems you are a happy person, and you have a pretty great life!