Saturday, 6 October 2007

Families and shoulder

No major plans for this weekend. Just stay at home catch up with family and a few household chores.

I had to cancel my trip to the gym this morning and change it for a trip to the chiropractor. Nothing major just a bit of pain in my lower back. I'm sure a quick visit will sort it out.

On the plus side, my shoulder is coming along really well. I have almost full range of motion and pain free. I have increased the weights and my shoulder is holding up. I am doing heaps of rotator cuff work on the cables and actually feeling the fatigue before the pain is a great feeling.

My physio is keeping me grounded though, he keeps telling me to expect that one of the exercises will cause a slight relapse and we will have to taper it back for a week or two. I don't mind that, not long ago it appeared that my only option to be pain free was surgery.

With crossed fingers and more hard but careful work, I know I am going to be ok.

I haven't even finished this post, you know looking forward to spending time with my family, when the second bowl of cereal ends up all over the floor. Sore back and another episode of floor cleaning to undertake. Oh joy. I might just go missing after my chiro appt later.

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Kristy said...

Claire, I just reread your post about the "If not dieting, then what?" book and I agree with you about everything. This book is life chaning if we let it and I am only half way through it. I had a friend years ago say to me there is no such thing as bad or good food and I thought she was just being rude at the time, but now I understand and it has only taken my about 5 years. We can eat whatever we want as long as we really want it. It is such freedom, but at the same time I feel so much control... I may even ignore my scales for a while and just focus on what my body is telling me!

Thankyou for the review. Buying this book is the best thing I could have done.