Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Fight with son

I had a big fight with my son last night and my heart was breaking. It wasn't a fight as such but I told him a few truths and how disappointed I was with him and then sent him to bed early.

He was really distraught to the point that he wouldn't say goodnight to either me or his dad.

He is a really good kid and rarely gives us any trouble, we are very lucky, however just lately he has started to get a little lazy with his jobs, he only does the minimum he can get away with. We have let it go so far, showing him what we expect and giving many second chances but last night there were too many and he was told.

We left him in his bed crying. When we went up to bed, we always go in and kiss and tuck in our kids. He had left a note on his bedroom door saying he loved his dad lots. There was no note for me.

He did however come in this morning and apologise for shouting at me. We are all ok now and he knows I love him heaps.

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Debstar said...

Good to see your kids are normal.
In a week he won't remember it and in a year (or 2) neither will you.

It gets more fun when they become teenagers.