Saturday, 20 October 2007

How much pain?

I seem to have fallen into the same groove as other bloggers. "I have not been posting often lately but am still reading everyone else's blogs."

So what has been happening? We had our spa delivered, it is very nice. I don't think it will become one of those items purchased and never used.

My shoulder is getting stronger almost daily. I am really pleased with the progress. Slight problem with my lower back at the moment but it has improved heaps over the last couple of weeks.

I have really increased the intensity of my workouts and drawn up at schedule to stick to. Life had started to get in the way a little bit.

Yesterday was one of the most stressful days I have had for a while. It started when the school but was early so my son missed it and I then had to drive him to school. Not a major drama but just disrupted my plans.

The rest of the day went quite smoothly, back to pilates (avoided it recently due to sore shoulder) abs feeling it today.

Then when I arrived to collect my daughter from preschool she was sat inside with ice on her now huge lip. She had fallen off the swing. We had already planned a visit to the doctor for her so off we went.

She had to wee in a jar. Freak our number 1. It did not happen. No way was she going to be able to we let alone in a jar.

Next she needed to have her blood sugar tested. Can you imagine, it took me and the doctor to hold her down, she was screaming and crying and pleading with me. We got it done I gave her lots of praise and cuddles, looked at my other children and they were both crying. My youngest daughter was worse. She really loves her big sister and it freaked her to see her big sister in pain and being bullied by her mother and a doctor. Two of the most trustworthy people in her life.

An icecream each made it all better. As an aside, I was very proud of my son who threw over half of his away because it was too sweet and didn't taste nice.

Ok, so home to get ready for Little Athletics. Miss T lets out a real blood curdling scream, she was lying on the patio floor and not moving much. I picked her up and it quickly became obvious that she had fallen and landed on her forehead. I have never seen such a huge bump and blood speckled bruise. My son gasped so loudly I thought he was going to pass out. I carried her inside and applied ice. How many more things can inflict pain on my little girl today? She was in no state to go to athletics so we all had a family spa.

Thankfully the day ended without further incident.

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