Monday, 22 October 2007

Dried prunes......

that's what my children look like after spending most of the weekend in our spa. Glad it is being used though.

They did vacate the spa for a little while for our first real visit to the beach this year. At first they hated it. Miss T is so prissy, she hated having sand on her hands and my son kept wanting to wash his feet. I just wish he would voluntarily do the same at home!

All's well in the end though, they finished searching and collecting crabs - not my favourite past-time I must admit.

All crabs were returned to the safety of the water when we left, much to the disgust of my children, who had fallen hopelessly in love with them. It didn't take long for Miss T to move on from the ladybird she was so in love with last week.

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Debstar said...

Kids always sleep better after they've been in water. There should be more of it. SLEEP

Im so happy to hear that your shoulder has been improving gradually.