Monday, 29 October 2007

Clocks changing

So the clocks went forward this weekend. How many were caught out? We had a Christening to go to on Sunday morning so had to get 3 kids and ourselves up and out and to a church a 30 min drive away by 9.30am. Which was actually 8.30am. With 3 kids we are early risers so that was not the issue - it does however take a major effort to get 5 of us out of the door.

All was well. In fact the Christening boy didn't arrive until 10 minutes into the service, just as we were about to leave thinking we had the wrong church.

A few years ago we did get caught out with the clocks. It was March and my last baby had just been born, we headed to the Easter show. For some reason, initially very few people were around, every act was running a little late but that was ok. We had tickets to see the NRL game at Telstra so headed off over there. Again kick off was 10 mins late then 20 mins late, we started getting bored and slightly agitated, someone nearby then pointed out that the clocks had gone back. The whole day we were an hour early for everything. At least we weren't late. I hate being late.

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