Monday, 13 August 2007


Saturday was a gorgeous day. The weather and life was making me feel very positive. The Gala Day was fun. The boys played well and the siblings played well together off the pitch. Four hours is a long time for littlies but they had fun, made mud with the water from their drink bottles got very dirty, but played together well.

Jon's team also did well, winning their semi final. I am very pleased this is the first year Jon has played for a few years and the team has got to the finals. I have to admit to being in two minds about him winning because now our weekend away has been put back by many hours as the final now needs to be played first. Never mind.

Sunday I was hoping for a nice family day in the garden, playing games, reading books, just pottering around. This wasn't to be. We set off to Stratco to get a feel for what is required in building our own pergola. Stratco was not open on Sundays, so we headed to the shops for a spot of lunch and a few bits. Hours later with aching feet we headed home. Still though I hadn't managed to get my son school shoes. The shop I wanted was not in that particular shopping centre. So home for a cup of tea and then out with my son to another shopping centre. Got said shoes and home for dinner. That Jon had cooked. Mighty nice too.

All in all a nice weekend.

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