Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Improving for some of us

We are on the mend. Starting to get back to normal. We are all still very tired and have majorly irritating coughs that keep us awake at night but other than that, thankfully we are getting better.

I promise to love, honour and ...... til death us do part or until such a time as I decide I can't bear to look at you or be with you anymore, then I will be really nasty, hurtful and cruel.

I hate it when people separate. I hate it even more when they can't do it amicably and then their problems become your problems because you feel their pain. You feel the pain of both parties and that of their children. It seems that you, the outsider, are the only one that cares about the outcome of their lives.

I know that lots of things are said out of hurt rather than spite but that doesn't make it any easier for either party and least of all the children, who both parents say are coping well. Who are they trying to kid.

Please God don't allow that to happen to my family.

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