Thursday, 23 August 2007

Swimming pool

We had a company (well a guy from a company) come round yesterday to quote us for putting a swimming pool in our back garden. (This isn't my daughter, but it could be, if we had a pool!!)

And guess what - It was so depressingly expensive - not the pool - I think the pool is actually the cheapest bit, but all the other stuff, the fence, the cost to take the dirt away, the box to put the stuff in (notice how I am technical about this stuff). So today I have been trying to find a way to bring in heaps of income, to reduce our spending by about 95% and try and track down the cleaning fairy. It appears she forgot to do our place again!

I can do all of this today because my kids are in various different versions of school - I could pull the youngest 2 out of their schools and save some money but then when would I find the time to bring in heaps of income and tap away on the calculator and computer devising plans and budgets to reduce our expenditure?

Never mind, I could dig out the paddling pool again. I think my 8 year old will still fit in it if he tucks his knees under his chin.

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