Thursday, 23 August 2007

Break away

The car journey was pretty uneventful, bit like the break really. No I'm not being really down and whingey, it's just that it rained - a lot. There is not an awful lot to do in a small hotel room with 3 children when it is raining and because when it is sunny you love this place so visit heaps and have done all the wet weather activities several times.

One afternoon was spent in Lollipops playland. Not the best place to visit when you are on a break away, there is a Lollipops here next door to my gym so we are not exactly strangers. However because our children are a little bit older now (our 2 year old is like a 9 year old) and can get lost in that place for hours, whilst I know no harm can come to them, I did see an opportunity to talk uninterrupted to my husband over a coffee for more than 30 secs. So it was good. Except when I lost my husband to the playstation. I reminded him I was sat all alone and he came back.

We did spend some time with some very good friends, who I wish we could see more often but can't, and had a fantastic home cooked dinner (not by me) those words "fantastic, home, cooked, dinner" and I do not go well together.

The rain stopped for a little while on our last day so we raced to the beach to play in the sand, not the water, still far too cold for that.

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