Thursday, 23 August 2007

If Not Dieting Then What?

I have been reading this book "If Not Dieting Then What?" by Dr Rick Kausman.

It was recommended to me some time ago by a professional I trust a lot and more recently by a Personal Trainer of over 12 years, who also knows Dr Kausman professionally and has clients that she has referred to him. (I am learning that she has some very impressive contacts)

As I bought the book sometime ago (on Ebay I think) I thought it was time to read it.

It is very similar to I can make you thin by Paul McKenna, just a bit more in depth.

I can see myself in the book practically all the way through and I actually feel much better about myself when I understand that although, we make our own choices, there are other things going on that are so much harder to control and that it is not me being weak, or lazy, or lacking in willpower.

Now some people may not agree with this but I think it has to be worth a read for anyone who has issues with food that go beyond, lack of education. Most of us are very educated when it comes to food and diet but for some reason still are unable to make the choices on a daily basis that we want to.

The book in my opinion is very well written and seemed to answer every question that I had in the next page or 2 so I didn't put it down feeling like, "Yeah but what if ....."

I haven't finished the book yet, I am reading it very slowly, and over and over again, I'm not sure what it is doing to my weight, I am trusting it will all be ok, but I certainly feel a lot better with where I am at and who I am.

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Kristy said...

Thanks for all that information Claire. I can't think of any questions at this stage, but I will be buying it for sure. It sounds exactly what I need.